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Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia
When It's Time...Give Your Pet The Final Gift...A Peaceful Passing at Home.

Please Note: Dr. Whala IS still taking appointments during this time to help critically ill and suffering pets pass peacefully in their home. However special measures will be taken to ensure the safety and health of everyone. Please let Dr Whala know if you have any questions, requests or concerns.

Locate a Vet in Your Area

Locate a Vet in Your Area

Serving Orange County, California Dr. Audrey Clifton

Dr. Audrey Clifton

Services and Pricing

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services


Dog's paw being held

An in Home Pet Euthanasia service (within service are), includes:

  • Veterinary assessment of your pet and your pets condition
  • Sedation medication to gently help your pet relax and go into a deep sleep
  • Final medication to help your pet pass peacefully
  • Keepsake memorial such as paw print, lock of hair or nose print
  • Courtesy notification to your family veterinarian

To learn more about the In Home Euthanasia Process click here

Additional Fees that may be assessed:

  • Out-of-Service area fee — $250 +
  • Major Holidays — $ 200+
  • Weekends — $ 50 - $100

Aftercare Services

Varies (see below)

We utilize Aquamation cremation which is an alternative to fire cremation for your beloved ones. Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis is a dignified, gentle way to honor your pet’s life. It is similar to the way a body decomposes naturally and is considered a green process that is gentle to both the environment and your pet.

Aquamation Process


What is Aquamation?

Aquamation is an alternative to flame-based cremation for your loved ones. Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a dignified, gentle way to honor your pet’s life in his or her final journey. Aquamation uses a water-based process containing alkali, to gently break down the tissues, similar to the process mother nature uses. This is similar to the way a body would decompose naturally. It is a green process that is gentle not only to your loved pet, but also gentle on our environment. Aquamation is not a new process and has been around since 1995. It is becoming more popular as a gentle means of cremating our loved ones and as an Eco-friendly alternative that produces 90% less greenhouse gasses than fire cremation. In addition, it produces no methane gas as with burial. Individuals who choose this water-based cremation (aquamation) also obtain 20% more of their pets remains compared to flame-based cremation. For more information on Aquamation, please click here.

Private Aquamation

With private aquamation, your pet goes through the aquamation process separately and their ashes are returned to you in a wooden urn selected by the facility. However, the aftercare facility also offers different choices of urns ranging from standard to very elaborate, should you wish to upgrade. You may also provide an urn of your own choosing. If you choose to upgrade, you may view the choice of available urns, here, and contact Paws & Claws to order a specific urn.

Communal Aquamation

If you should choose communal aquamation, your pet’s remains will be handled with the same respect and care through the entire aquamation process, as in the private aftercare option. Communal aquamtion means that your pet will be alongside other pets during aquamation and that the ashes will not be returned to you. Instead, they will be scattered at sea. The cost is, of course, less than the private aquamation.

0 - 4 pounds $325
5 - 30 pounds $375
31 - 60 pounds $425
Private Aquamation Includes
• Ashes returned in wooden urn
• Clay Paw
0 - 4 pounds $75
5 - 30 pounds $105
31 - 60 pounds $155
61 - 90 pounds $225
Private Aquamation Includes
• All communal ashes are scattered at sea
• Clay paw print can be added for $30

In-Home Veterinary Consultation Services

(Call for Pricing)

Veterinary Consultation Services

In-Home Veterinary Hospice Care Services

(Call for Pricing)

Veterinary Hospice Care Services

Schedule An Appointment

There are several ways to reach Dr. Clifton to make an appointment or schedule a consult/hospice appointment:

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Payment Options

  • We accept multiple forms of payment including all major credit cards, checks and cash.
  • We also accept a low cost payment plan through Scratchpay, a third party company. To see if you qualify, please click here.

Local Resources

Pet Loss & Grief Support

More Info Coming Soon

Euthanasia / Hospice Care

If you need services on an emergency basis and/or Dr. Audrey is not immediately available for you and your pet, please seek out the following local area veterinarians that may be able to help.

About Dr. Audrey Clifton

About Dr. Audrey Clifton

A Southern California Native, Dr. Audrey grew up in an era where orange trees, strawberry fields and sunshine prevailed in Orange County. Her grandparents settled here in the early 1950's, leaving Chicago for the rural life in California, bringing their love of ranch life and horses with them, and here her story began.

Dr. Audrey's childhood love for animals continued to grow and led her to choose a career in Veterinary Medicine. She graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. She moved to Sacramento, CA and began her professional career as a racetrack veterinarian, working with the standardbred horses at Cal Expo.

After more than a decade of racetrack practice, her interests broadened to include integrative and alternative medicine, and in 2016 she began studying acupuncture. She quickly realized that acupuncture is a wonderful tool for managing pain, which allowed her to provide a whole new level of therapeutic care and services to her equine patients and her own horses too. She also saw how valuable this modality was to dogs and cats and thus began seeing more geriatric patients. Dogs, cats and horses responded very well to this integrative approach to veterinary medicine.

A new world opened itself to her; hospice and palliative care for pets! This special niche is an exceptional and personally rewarding opportunity to help people and their treasured pets through their geriatric years and end-of-life care.

This new avenue has become the focus and passion of her veterinary profession. She is now devoting most of her time and skills to this compassionate care, helping people provide the love and care their pets truly deserve in those final days, as well as helping owners and their beloved pets transition from home to heaven when that time comes.

Nothing has been more personally and professionally rewarding to Dr. Audrey than being part of this special bond between owners and their beloved pets and to assist and support them through the final stages in the circle of life.

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