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Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia
When It's Time...Give Your Pet The Final Gift...A Peaceful Passing at Home.

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Dr. Bethany and Gary Hsia

About Dr. Bethany and Gary Hsia

Gary and Bethany met at the University of Illinois where they both graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. After graduation the couple married and moved west. Gary has worked in a local mixed animal practice since 2011 while Bethany practiced shelter medicine for several years before taking time away for a growing family. In addition to family life and veterinary work the couple started a local restaurant and brewery with friends from church.

Even as a child, Bethany sought to calm and comfort animals, keeping many common childhood pets and occasionally tending injured wildlife. Her interest in medicine and the design of the immune system was sparked during an undergraduate course titled DISEASE! Dr. Bethany believes a peaceful passing is the last gift we give our pets and that it’s a gift best given at home.

Gary grew up appreciating the value of constantly learning and finding ways of helping others. He loved visiting reptile expos as a child where his parents allowed him to select pets... as long as they did not need live food. Dr. Gary believes precious memories with your pet should never be overshadowed by a traumatic goodbye; that is why a peaceful passing is so important.

In his free time Dr. Gary enjoys working around his small farm, watching sports and continually learning something new. In her spare time Dr. Bethany enjoys reading, running and closing her rings. But their favorite time is time spent together with their young children.